About Us

There has been a surgery in Stoke sub Hamdon since 1865.  The Hamdon Medical Centre was built in 1990 and was purpose-designed for the comfort and safety of all patients. It has 12 clinical rooms and is situated in a very pretty area with views to Ham Hill and is surrounded by blackcurrant fields which are grown to make Ribena!!

Our patient list size is approximately 5,600 with a more elderly demographic.

Hamdon integrated into Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS) in May 2018. We have a multi-disciplinary team including GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, Musculoskeletal Practitioners, Healthcare Assistants, Health Coaches, Administrators and Receptionists.

All clinicians at the practice use askmyGP which is an online tool providing quick and easy access for our patients. It enables the team to prioritise requests supporting patients either by telephone, online, video or face to face consultations.


SHS letter to patients 24th May2021