askmyGP is now closed to new requests

Further to recent communications, askmyGP is now closed to new requests. This will enable our team to complete any outstanding requests in the system prior to transition to our new consultation platform Anima on the 24th April. You can still access askmyGP to review your open requests. The surgery will continue to be open as normal, please telephone us on 01935 822236.

If you submitted a request before the closure, this will be reviewed by a clinician and you will be contacted or invited to an appointment as soon as possible within a timeframe that is clinically appropriate.

We expect our phone lines to be busier than usual and ask that patients space their calls across the day where possible to reduce the length of time you have to wait.

For more information on this closure please see the previously shared communications below. For more information on Anima and how to sign up for the new system visit our new Introducing Anima page here

askmyGP closure comms


If you would like to login to askmyGP to review an existing request, you can still access the system by clicking the image below:

askmyGP link

REMEMBER you don’t always need to submit a request.

Patient Access can be used to order or obtain advice about repeat prescriptions. Alternatively, the following guidance may help you identify a more appropriate setting for your need.

Self Care

Care for yourself at home

Minor cuts & grazes
Minor bruises
Minor sprains
Coughs & colds


Local expert advice

Minor Illnesses
Stomach upsets
Bites & Stings

NHS 111

Non-emergency help

Feeling unwell?
Need help?

GP Advice

Out of hours: Call 111

Persistent Symptoms
Chronic pain
Long term conditions
New Prescriptions


Urgent Treatment Centres

Breaks & Sprains
Cuts & Grazes
Fever & Rashes

A&E or 999

For emergencies only

Chest Pain
Blacking Out
Serious Blood Loss